For people who learn, make, organize and sell in the digital world

and who want to do so with Open Source / Open culture Tools

Join Us

Join a diverse group of curious and passionate software engineers, web developers and designers in Tech Liminal support groups (in person and online).  We work with WordPress, Mastodon, and other tools.

Membership Benefits for Everyone

  • In-person and online support groups for all things WordPress
  • Slack Channel for questions and chatter
  • Access to a group of helpful expert web developers and designers
  • A growing repository of knowledge
  • And more…

We respect all participants in the group, mindful and supportive of people’s differences in skills, knowledge, and background. 

Our support groups are set up to meet you where you’re at, helping you find the solution that matches your needs. We learn together by solving problems in a safe, community-oriented space, and we encourage each other to learn and problem-solve independently.

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