Introducing: The Group Project Accelerator Program

For the past few weeks, in between enjoying our fabulous new digs, we’ve been working on our updated offering: The Tech Liminal Group Project Accelerator Program!

The Liminal State between Learning and Doing
Cross the threshold from learning to doing

This program brings ambitious learners together to work on projects, and is a great way to go from learning about a thing, to actually doing it.

Each accelerator will run for four weeks, and is limited to 4-6 participants. You will work with an expert in the topic, who can help guide your project through the pitfalls of implementation.

Accelerators cost between $350-$600 for individuals in groups, and $1500-$2500 for one-on-one sessions.

Based on popular interest, we are scheduling for the following WordPress-related groups:

And, we are looking for other interested people for the following:

  • Creating online courseware
  • WooCommerce Implementation
  • Membership Sites with WordPress

Want to participate?

Tell us about your project (and a few other things) and we will start to schedule compatible groups!

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