Build a Web Site with WordPress – Beginners’ Session – Weekend Edition

Saturday and Sunday – February 25 & 26
11:00AM – 2:00PM

Join us for a 2-session class in which we’ll build a basic website using WordPress, a friendly tool for creating and managing blogs and web sites. We will use, a free hosting provider for the WordPress software, which means no pesky software installation or hosting requirements.

What you will learn:

You’ll learn how to plan your site, choose a design, and create pages with photos, videos, and text.

At the same time, you’ll be learning about WordPress, the leading open source tool for building simple web sites and blogs.

We’ll be using a pattern for a 3-page professional site with a blog, and following step-by-step instructions for creating:

  • A Home Page
  • About Us, Products or Services Page
  • Contact Form
  • Blog

Lesson overview

  • Session 1: Why Use WordPress? Plan your site, choose a theme and add your content
  • Session 2: Add more content – Video, Audio, Images, work with the editor, work with widgets, add contact forms and next steps


  1. Theresa says:

    Do you teach this during the day?

    • Hi Theresa,

      At the moment we don’t do this during the day, but I’m open to setting up a session during the daytime if we can get 4 people interested.

  2. Hello! I’m interested in taking your WP 1-2-3 classes. (Eric Reynolds created my website and recommends you highly!) Questions: Do the classes begin at 6 pm or 6:30 pm? There’s a discrepancy between this page and your online calendar. Also, how many people do you take in a class? Is there a way to see information clearly from all points in the room?

    Many thanks! Tisa

    • Thanks for your comment, Tisa,

      The classes start at 6:30 – the Eventbrite is a little bit screwy when setting up a multi-day event.

      We limit class size to 10 – usually we get 6-8.

      Our conference room has a reasonably unobstructed view of the screen, but most of the work you’ll be doing is hands-on with your own laptop.

  3. kul says:

    Hi Anca

    Do you offer these sessions over the weekend?

    Do you offer these 3 classes sessions on regular basis?

    Also, if I take 1 session 1 week, can I take another 2 classes in two different weeks? I worked in South Bay. It will be hard for me to get to the class in the evening due to the traffic?
    If the classes are in the weekend, that will be great. If not, I understand that.



    • Hi Kul,

      I offer these sessions a couple of times a year. The next round will happen over 3 weeks. I’m trying something new this time around. Feel free to come to the first session if you’d like, and then catch up on the next go-round.

      I haven’t made plans to run the class over the weekend – but that’s not totally out of the question.

  4. maggie says:

    Hi Anca,
    A friend of mine told me you would have lots of comments about this question:

    Some folks are asking me – so I am asking you…. Do you LIKE WordPress for setting-up (also, designing with), using and updating a blog site?


    • Do I like WordPress? Yes, definitely! I like the simplicity of the architecture and the almost infinite possibilities that engenders. In terms of design, I think it’s all about your willingness and ability to work within the constraints imposed by the system.

      WordPress is not the end-all be-all of the web, but it’s a great tool that works for many different constituents of a web development project: the site visitors, designers, developers, and the person whose job it is to make sure that the website content stays fresh and relevant for the users.

  5. Ranil Abeysekera says:

    I would like to learn wordpress to support some nonprofit and social change groups, but do not have a laptop – could I still benefit by attending?

    • We can loan you a laptop for the class. Just let us know in advance.


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