Ruby on Rails at Tech Liminal – with Dave Doolin

"Ruby on Rails is letting me write web applications almost as fast as writing blog posts." Dave Doolin


A workshop is only as good as its teacher. Fortunately, the East Bay Rails Meetup is facilitated by Dave Doolin. Dave is a bit of a “tech translator”. In addition to writing code, he also blogs. And if you’re interested in perusing his thoughts on Ruby on Rails before attending the Meetup, he’s written extensively about it.

How does Rails measure up? How easy is it to learn? Dave asks and answers “why Ruby?“. You can find a plethora of information about Rails online, but before embarking on your own, take a quick look at his review of Railcasts. Are you interested in building applications with Rails? He’s written about that too.

Get into the nitty gritty by understanding how Rails is used with Subversion – or compares with Python. If you’re not a programmer, check out his nuts and bolts SEO advice in articles like “SEO for writers and artists – or how to date your search engine.”

Above all, don’t be intimidated. Dave is a smart guy, but he’s also a very patient teacher.

East Bay Rails happens on the first Thursday of the month, but check the Meetup to be sure…

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