Mobile Work Week – Presented by liquidspace

Monday, December 5, 6:00pm
LiquidSpace Crawl, Opening Presentation with Ryan Coonerty, Mayor of Santa Cruz, and Melanie Nutter, Director of the San Francisco Department of Environment

Starts at Carr Workplace, Four Embarcadero Center, Ste 1400, San Francisco
For years we’ve heard businesses across the globe encouraging employees to work remotely and embrace more flexible cultures and regiments, but more than ever, today governments and city officials are taking it upon themselves to get involved and help enable this new way of working within their community from the ground up.

In this presentation, Ryan Coonerty, Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, and Melanie Nutter, Director of the SF Dept of Environment, will address the role of government in supporting teleworking, urban sustainability and economic development when it comes to their mobile working citizens, including how to help local organizations bring choice of location to the forefront, empowering employees to choose where and how they work.Already today, governments are conducting pilot programs to gather data on how choice impacts productivity, real estate cost and carbon footprint. Furthermore, you’ll hear how business managers and city leaders are creating solutions and support systems to transition this new trend into a working, professional norm.After the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to visit other LiquidSpace partners including NextSpace Coworking, RocketSpace, Hatchery and DEGW for more drinks and prizes! Look for the red pedicabs to get you from space to space!

Tuesday, December 6, 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Legal Issues Facing Early Stage Technology Startups, Discussion with Patrick Pohlen, co-chair Emerging Company Practice, Latham & Watkins, LLP

Latham & Watkins office, 140 Scott Drive, Menlo Park
Patrick Pohlen, co-chair of the Emerging Company Practice for the global law firm of Latham & Watkins LLP, will discuss key legal issues facing early stage technology startups and entrepreneurs. Patrick will lead a lively discussion about business-entity formation and fund raising.

Tuesday, December 6, 6:30pm to 2:00am
“The Mobile Worker Toolkit: Development with the Mobile Worker in Mind” Roundtable Discussion + Late Night Coworking with SF Nightowls

pariSoma Innovation Loft, 169 11th Street, San Francisco
Industries across the board are realigning themselves around a new paradigm for work: mobility. The effects of this reorganization are far-reaching, and companies are both encouraging their employees to work the way they choose and also helping them leverage products and tools to support that shift.

The opportunity for developers is massive. Many pain points still felt by today’s mobile workers have gone either unsolved or completely untouched — everything from getting insurance and managing HR to finding a quick flight for cheap or even just keeping up with receipts. There is room for more apps, services and tools and today, mobile workers are busy padding themselves with whatever makes their already hectic work life easier and more efficient.

During this roundtable, we’ll go beyond discussing the trends in mobility and hear from specific businesses and developers who have successfully catered to mobile workers with their products and offerings. They’ll share challenges and learnings, as well as advice for building your own products and application for the 1 billion mobile workers worldwide.

Come early for the panel and stay late to get productive with the SF Nightowls as we provide space, food and drinks to keep you going throughout the night.

Wednesday, December 7, 12:30 to 1:45pm
“Get a Room — IP, Confidentiality, and Mobile/Coworking Spaces” Lunch Discussion with Rachael Lamkin, IP Litigator, Turner Boyd LLP

Pacific Business Centers, 201 Spear Street, Ste 1100, San Francisco
Would you simply give all your ideas away? If you don’t protect them now, you can’t protect them later.

Businesses everywhere are opening their doors to mobile workers — providing space, shared amenities and in some cases, even collaboration. Shared coworking can be incredibly productive and valuable, and often both sides can benefit from the experience. At the same time, “hard” intellectual property (IP), such as patent rights, and “soft” IP, such as confidential business processes and trade secrets, may be implicated. Moreover, this is an emerging area of law and largely untested in the courts.

This presentation will address some of the potential legal conference, with a special focus on patents, trade secrets and confidential business processes and methods. In short, the guiding principle is that, if you don’t protect your ideas now, you won’t be able to protect them later.

Join Rachael Lamkin as she shares more on this new legal frontier and answers questions attendees may have and tries to suggest some workable “hows” for protecting your ideas while still taking advantage of all that shared coworking spaces have to offer.

Lunch is on us but you must register for a ticket to attend as space is limited.

Thursday, December 8, 6:30 to 10:00pm
LiquidSpace Launch Party

Bluxome Street Winery, 53 Bluxome Street (on Bluxome between 4th and 5th just north of Townsend), San Francisco
It’s time to celebrate as LiquidSpace officially makes it mark in the Bay area and you’re invited! The Tourist (Magnificent7) has been DJing in the Bay Area for the past 17 years and will be spinning tunes for your ears Come meet other mobile workers in the community and have a drink on us. We’re going all out to celebrate the launch and hope you’ll join us.

Friday, December 9, 8:30 to 10:30am
Turnstone Media & Blogger Breakfast

RocketSpace, 181 Freemont Street
Small business owners didn’t start a company to be ordinary. So how can space reflect the unique culture in a growing organization?

Join Turnstone, Liquid Space and RocketSpace for breakfast as Turnstone reveals its latest research and insights on the unique culture of small and emerging businesses. Network with other bloggers and reporters and experience first-hand the company’s latest experts and innovations.
Friday, December 9, 12:30 to 1:45pm
“Consumerization of Real Estate/Designing for Mobile Work” Design Discussion with Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace, Kevin Kuske, Chief Brand Advocate for Turnstone, Gretchen Addi, Fellow Associate Partner and Co-Lead of IDEO SF, and Yancy Widmer, Associate Partner at IDEO

Steelcase Showcase, 475 Brannan Street
We’re closing out the week with a festive and lively lunch discussion about the consumerization of real estate.  How is mobility changing our relationship with commercial real estate.  People are leaving ‘work’ to get work done, is that a good thing?  Yes !  Especially if you design your strategy based on mobility.  Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace, Kevin Kuske, Chief Brand Advocate for Turnstone, Gretchen Addi, Fellow Associate Partner at IDEO, and Yancy Widmer, Associate Partner at IDEO, will lead a discussion on three important things to consider.  Lunch is on us, so come early to enjoy some good food and grab a seat for this forum.