Get Started with Source Control: Git and Github


These are some resources for the Github workshop that we did for Workshop Weekend.

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The Links

Some of this was inspired by Dave Doolin’s WordPress Version Control presentation.

Some Notes

We wound up with a class of about 8 people, each at different levels of experience with Source Control in general.

What we talked about:

  • Why use Source Control
  • Examples of Merging, Branching, and Diffs
  • CVS/SVN vs. Git
  • Github = Social Coding
    • user accounts
    • following, notifications
    • repositories
    • project wiki
    • issue tracking & conversation
    • forking
    • code comments and feedback
  • Github Example
    • Set up a repo with a file
    • Clone the repo locally (just in demo format)
    • Make changes
    • Push and pull
    • See the changes reflected on Github

A few things were complicated:

  • Not everyone brought a laptop ready to go
  • Picking and installing Git GUI clients.  I didn’t find a good one for Windows that was reliable and intuitive
  • Most people were not familiar with the command line.  This turned into an interesting conversation, and some good examples were brought up where one had to log into a server and troubleshoot w/out the aid of a GUI

For the next class, we’ll have tested out more of the Windows clients so I can recommend one that works, and create a sample repository that people can commit to together.

I gave it 90 minutes, which was fine for an overview, but would probably like 2 hours to develop the hands-on example a little bit better.