Drupal for non-profits: Brainstorming collaboration

Drupal 501(c)3 at Tech Liminal, 2-4 pm Fridays, 268 14th St, Oakland
A Drupal group for non-profits using or considering Drupal, and for the developers who help them.

Save the date: December 18, 2009 2-4 pm
Free food and drinks!

Are you a non-profit looking for an affordable way of re-doing your website? Want to talk to other non-profits and developers for free about your concerns and ideas?

Are you a Drupal user already, looking to share ideas?

Are you a developer, eager to help? Looking for business?

Join us for this special get together of non-profits, socially minded folk, web designers, Drupal users, and other technology folks to celebrate the start of a new year with brainstorming and networking about how we can do more with the internet.


On Friday December 18, Tech Liminal is hosting a brainstorming session during our usual Drupal time 2-4 pm. Jenny Waggoner, Communications Director from the San Francisco League of Women Voters, and Rain Breaw of SunRain Productions (http://www.sunrainproductions.com/) will kick off the session by presenting a short talk on the issues that they have encountered while working on a web site for a large board run non-profit organization: including how decisions are made and implementation planned. There will also be some observations on how to decide if Drupal is the right solution for npo’s planning new sites or upgrades.

Following the presentation, which we plan to stream to several remote audiences, there will be a brainstorming session to help developers and non-profit administrators to see the positives, negatives, and hurdles that any web-site projects may encounter. Other issues around using the internet will probably also come up.

The one hour presentation/brainstorming will be followed by more conversation and networking. Snacks and coffee will be provided.

Some topics to be considered:
hurdles to developers connecting with nonprofits
hurdles to nonprofits using drupal
supports to help them once they are working together
DrupalCon in 2010 and other resources

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More info video “What is Drupal”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF1X12PE6PY