Technology Coaching

Tech Liminal has provided personalized technology coaching since our founding in 2009. We have assisted our community with WordPress sites from design to development, application creation, planning and executing social media and promotion campaigns, business model and product management projects, and learning the skills and habits that enable our clients to get the job done.

What kind of things can we do?

  • Learn to build and maintain a WordPress website
  • Organize your business assets, media, messaging and content for your website
  • Plan and execute a technology project in your organization
  • Execute a social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more
  • Learn to use cloud technology tools such as Google Apps for your organization
  • Identify and manage phases of your product development from inception through launch

Business works better when you’re comfortable with all your tools. It’s obvious that’s true of the tools you use to create your product – which you’re already an expert in.  But it’s also true of the tools you use to promote and sell your product online – which we’re experts in.

Today, you give up control of your story to others who build your website and update your blog or do your marketing for you.

Tomorrow, with our coaches’ help, you – the expert on your business – can be empowered to tell your own story using technology instead.

Like every good habit, it takes time and effort to understand and apply the technologies that have transformed how we live and work in the last decades. Our coaches work hard alongside you, encouraging and guiding you to get you there.

How does our coaching program work?

  1. We meet with you to identify your goals, needs, and capabilities, and create a coaching plan.
  2. We schedule regular coaching sessions, each geared to help you get closer to your goal.
  3. We check in each month to make sure you are progressing towards your goal and adjust your plan as needed.

What is included?

In addition to your one-on-one coaching sessions, you will be working with an account manager, who schedules your sessions with specific experts, and checks in with you on a regular basis.

You will also get access to a personal project workspace, which we use to keep track of goals, tasks, and information.

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