Test Early & Test Often

It is truly amazing at how much a web developer can learn by simply observing and listening to a few test subjects attempt to conduct a simple task on a website.

Interesting Image Plugins

Some helpful plugins to help your style your wordpress website.

Sensible Sliders for Your WordPress Website

An overview of several slideshow plugins for your WordPress site. These are some of our favorite and most reliable plugins, each with different pluses and minuses.

Get Started with Source Control: Git and Github

Notes and resources for Git and Github. This is for Anca’s Workshop Weekend workshop, coming soon as a full-length Tech Liminal Academy session.

June: A Month for Learning at Tech Liminal

A full month of short, useful workshops on all things online tech for small business and creative types.

Organize Your Website Information

It’s hard to keep track of all the URL’s and passwords that you need in order maintain your online presence.  Here’s a handy-dandy checklist we’ve been developing to help you organize it all. Download the Tech Liminal Website Checklist The first two pages of this worksheet are the keys to your kingdom!  Guard them well. […]

Pretty Pictures and Your Blog – 5 Useful Things to Know About Using Images on Your Site

Thanks to Cheryl Liquori from the fabulous Breakfast Blogging Club for inciting me to write this post.  I was going to do a presentation, but it somehow seemed more appropriate (and easier to share links) to just make it a blog post. The effective use of images can make your blog come to life.  A wall of text […]

WordPress Plugins

We’ve been keeping track of useful WordPress plugins in a nice Google Spreadsheet. Check it out – and email me if you’d like to add your own comments and notes. This is a work in progress, with many thanks to all the contributors from the East Bay WordPress Meetup group.

Should I Upgrade my WordPress to 3.0?

Here’s one from my email: I’ve done nothing on my WordPress site in ages but am about to put up a story. I see (and had heard) 3.0 was available to download. Do you think I dare do it, here with nobody to help me if it all screws up? My feeling is that it […]

Tools for Communication in a Social Networked World

This is a workshop that I’ve given a few times. You can read along, but much of what you see here is useful as a conversation starter. Please feel free to contact Tech Liminal if you’d like your own version of this Social Networking workshop.