Live Broadcast From Tech Liminal!

Listen to a “Product Management Talk” interview with Bernd Schoner, PhD and Cindy Solomon.

Technology Won’t Save You

Do you know the fundamental mechanics of being a digital professional? Here’s why you should learn, and a short short list of the basics.

Piracy in the Digital Age

Thinking abou how laws and governments adapt and change in response to technology (and how people use it).

Culture Hacking at Workshop Weekend

Quick impressions of this cross-disciplinary creative intellectual feast.

Building an Online Identity

For the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about what it means, and what it takes, to build an online identity for one’s self and one’s business. We will touch on many different aspects of an online identity: What does “Online Identity” mean? The assets one needs to create and maintain in order to establish […]

Transit and GTFS – California Data Camp Summary

The third session of the day I chose to attend is around Transit and Census data. What is GTFS? Google Transit Feed Specification, defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. Interesting questions posed: Carticipate – wants to tie carpooling app into transit data – get people near transit. Can we […]

Data Primer – Report from the California Data Camp

Panel is led by a group from the California Watch, and it’s about how to get data and documents from the state of california. Lance Williamson, Mark Catches, Chase Davis, Emily Calhoun (, Lots of data that you can get in other places, but not CA. CA doesn’t provide open access to crime data, for […]

Stimulus Data – Report from the California Data Camp

Today’s California Data Camp (held in San Francisco at Citizen Space) provided a veritable buffet of accountability information and more. This and the next three posts are notes from the sessions I attended. Led by Bill Allison (from the Sunlight Foundation) Along with the economic stimulus comes a requirement for funding recipients to provide data […]