Breakfast Blogging Club

Good food always makes information go down easier.

There’s something soothing and magical about meeting over yummy breakfast and coffee to talk about blogging (= writing process + marketing + technology).

Our super community-driven friends at Blue Heron Catering are about to launch their new blog, so they’ve been sponsoring this event, providing all kinds of scrumptious treats, such as frittata and fresh breads, breakfast burritos, coffee and juice.

Host Cheryl Liquori cultivates a space full to the brim with literary and social media tips. Breakfast Blogging Club  is a little like an edible compass gifted to the muse lost in the maze inside of you. When she finds her way home this time, she’ll have a business-savvy twist. Good morning!

Third Thursday of every month, but check the Meetup to be sure…

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  1. The next Breakfast Blogging club is scheduled for September 20th, the third Thursday! Hope to see you there.